Chicago Midwinter Success for TiScrubs

The Chicago Midwinter meeting is one of the largest dental meetings held in the U.S. With over 6,800 dentists, over 1,000 dental students, 4,100+ hygienists and almost 3,000 dental assistants in attendance, the numbers are astounding! Having an exhibit booth at The Chicago Midwinter Meeting proved to be an excellent choice!  Most of those in attendance at the meeting wear scrubs as part of their required uniform in the office. Visitors to the TiScrubs booth included people from the U.S. and several other countries.

TiScrubs went to the show with a team that was ready to deliver an outstanding customer service experience for shoppers visiting the booth. The head of customer Support, Jayne Boehler, was there to process orders. Creator, Natalie Busch, helped new customers choose the best fit. Kellie Reneau, Program Director for TeamSmile, was in attendance to help educate customers about the philanthropy that benefits from each and every purchase of TiScrubs. Dr. Bill Busch, Founder of both of TiScrubs and TeamSmile, was on hand to talk with dentists and their staff members in the booth. Catherine Kolkoski, Online Marketing Manager for TiScrubs, was there to take pre-orders for the new Long-sleeved Scrub Tops and the Mesh Scrub Jackets.

Saturday, which is typically known by exhibitors at the Midwinter meeting as being a ‘slow day,’ was not quiet at the TiScrubs booth! Customers took advantage of show specials on scrubs, as well as free shipping for pre-order purchases for new scrub products. And everyone was excited about the contest in which they could enter to win free scrubs for their entire office!

What’s next for TiScrubs? They will do it all again in August at the CVC Veterinary Continuing Education Event at the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Center. TiScrubs will show their athletic-inspired, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking scrubs to another profession in need of the best-feeling scrubs they will ever put on their bodies!