Elements Collection Scrub Fabric Tour

Recently on our IGTV, Brendan gave us an in depth look at the fabric we use in our Elements Scrub Collection. Our D2 Fabric is a 100% performance polyester fabric that we developed to be lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Our Elements Scrubs are antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, as you would expect from a high-quality scrub, but the magic of our Elements Scrub Collection lies in the silky-soft texture. Check it out for yourself! 


Ready to try your a set of TiScrubs? Shop our Elements Scrub Collection with free shipping and free exchanges. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call or email us. We are here to help. 


Video transcript: 

Hey folks, Brendan here with TiScrubs. Today I’m going to show you up close and personal the fabric that we use in our Elements Collection. It’s truly unique and I just don’t think pictures do it justice.

You see, we set out to create sleek and athletic medical scrubs that rival the uniforms professional athletes wear. Why professional athletes? It all comes back to the non-profit we support with your help, TeamSmile. I’ll share more about TeamSmile in a future video, but be sure to check them out if you weren't aware of our partnership already. They are doing some really awesome stuff right here in the United States.

But back to the scrubs. We developed our D2 fabric to be lightweight and flexible. We think you should be able to move freely and not be weighed down by a heavy or uncomfortable fabric. So not only is our fabric lightweight and flexible, it feels amazing on your skin! It’s the softest scrub I’ve ever felt. Like silk, really. I know everyone and their mother says their scrubs are the softest, but trust me on this one. Think freshly shaven legs/face/whatever region (I’m not gonna judge) in a freshly made bed. Yeah like that. I recently had someone email us saying he felt like Hugh Hefner in his scrubs. Seriously you have you feel them to get it.   

Sensation aside. We also designed our D2 fabric to be antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. Anti-microbial so that you scrubs don’t harbor the odor-causing bacteria that everyone dreads. Nobody wants to be that guy. And moisture-wicking to draw sweat and moisture away from your skin so you stay dry and cool all shift long.

Now check out these colors. This is our Dark Green, Dress Shirt Pink, Ceil Blue, Titanium Grey, Dark Titanium, Real Black, Intense Pink, and Navy. And we’ve got some new colors coming out later this summer. Stay tuned for those.

I think that about wraps it up! Have any questions or other suggestions for other videos you’d like to see? Let me know down in the comments! Thanks for watching, I hoped this video helped demystify our D2 Fabric. Now go get into your element.