Major League Soccer Scrubs

Ah, if only you could roll into work wearing a sports jersey and your favorite sweat pants. Probably never gonna happen, but it sure would be nice. Imagine how comfortable, not to mention fun, it would be, especially when your team is kicking butt and you want everyone who sees you to know you’re the biggest and best fan your team has ever had. Ever.

Well, we can get you pretty close. Calling all pro soccer fans, now get a load of this: We’ve partnered with MLS to bring you officially-licensed Major League Soccer Scrubs! No matter which team gets you fired up, we’ve got you. Let us embroider your team’s crest on any of our scrub tops, and then pair your awesome MLS scrub top with our crazy-comfortable and fresh scrub pants, and you might as well be wearing your favorite sweats and jersey to work.

Sporting Kansas City Scrubs

There’s never been a more fun or exciting time to be a Major League Soccer fan. Forget the haters (and their unsolicited genius advice on how to improve the game) -- MLS has seen a huge increase in popularity in the last few years. Just look at the steady increase in the number of MLS teams: In 2019, there were 24 teams, and in 2020, two more teams will make their field debut -- Nashville SC and Inter Miami CF!

So whether you like to autograph the Golden Spike at Mercedes-Benz Stadium or do the march down Occidental in the Emerald City, we can help you rep your favorite team at work. We’ve got authentic soccer scrubs for every fan of every team -- we can do Atlanta United FC scrubs embroidery, Sounders scrubs embroidery -- whatever floats your boat. You can check out all of our sports scrubs options here.

Simply The Best Embroidery

We do embroidery better than any other scrub brand out there, and that’s because we have our very own embroidery team, and that team is dedicated to perfection. You’ve never seen embroidery so detailed or so masterfully done. And our embroidery is MLS-approved, so you know it’s good.

To get started, it’s really easy. Check out all of our scrub tops and then pick the one you like best. After selecting the color and size that you want, just click on the “ADD EMBROIDERY” button and it will step you through the easy process. 

How To Embroider Scrubs with MLS Crests

Get your MLS embroidery started now.