MLS Scrubs

Add your favorite team's crest to your scrubs

Major League Soccer Scrubs

Ah, if only you could roll into work wearing your favorite sports jersey. Well, your day just got better.

Calling all pro soccer fans: We’ve partnered with MLS to bring you officially-licensed Major League Soccer Scrubs! No matter which team gets you fired up, we’ve got you covered. Embroider your team’s crest on any of our scrub tops so you can get to chanting.


MLS Soccer Scrubs

To get started, it’s really easy. Check out all of our scrub tops and pick the top style you like best.

Then click on the “ADD EMBROIDERY” button and it will step you through the easy process. 

It's Legit.

You’ve never seen embroidery so detailed or so masterfully done. And our embroidery is MLS-approved, so you know it’s good.

Kansas City Sporting Crest embroidered on scrub tops
MLS Crest embroidery on scrub top