Charlie Hustle Scrub Tops

Charlie Hustle Scrub Tops

We’ve never had so much Kansas City pride, and just like most everyone else in our town, we’re crazy-excited about all the great things that are happening around here right now. Of course, there was our epic Super Bowl win earlier this year (Go Chiefs!), but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Kansas City Scrubs
Among many things it's known for, KC is often celebrated for its entrepreneurial spirit. Some of the coolest brands have gotten their start here (present company included). One of our personal favorites is Charlie Hustle, the famous maker of the ever-popular Kansas City-themed vintage tees. So, of course, when the chance to work with the iconic brand came along, we were all in. We thought it was about time we gave our hometown some Kansas City scrubs.

We started our collaboration with Charlie Hustle by choosing some of their most iconic designs to work with for our scrub tops. Without a doubt, their most famous -- and best-selling -- design is the KC Heart. These days, you can hardly walk down the street without seeing it somewhere. 

Fresh Kansas City Scrubs

We kicked off our Charlie Hustle Collection with two styles -- a scrub top for men and a scrub top for women -- in three different designs. Two of our designs were made to look as if they were made of vintage tee-shirt material, to give them a true Charlie Hustle tee vibe. We made a heather gray scrub top with the classic navy and red KC Heart on the chest pocket, and we made a heather light blue top with a smaller version of the KC Heart in navy and white printed all over the top.

Charlie Hustle KC Heart Scrub Tops

In addition to these two KC Heart Scrubs, we made our third design, which features Charlie Hustle’s recognizable Kansas City script in a bright red on a navy background.

Kansas City Scrubs
These blue-colored Charlie Hustle scrub top designs come just in time for the start of the Royals’ baseball season and Sporting KC’s soccer season, and are the perfect way to show pride for KC’s sports team at work on game days.

Our Charlie Hustle scrubs look like a tee-shirt, but they perform like a scrub top. All of our Charlie Hustle Scrub Tops are made from soft knit fabric that is both stretchy and moisture-wicking. And both the men’s and women’s top styles have the classic v-neck and chest pocket that are classic scrub top features. 

Shop this collab now. Before long, they’ll be everywhere in Kansas City doctor’s offices and hospitals! 

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