About Us

We invented performance scrubs.

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Our Mission

To redefine medical apparel with our exclusive line of athletically-inspired performance scrubs, elevating comfort and style for healthcare professionals—while delivering unparalleled customer service—to ensure every wearer feels empowered and supported on the frontlines of care.

Our Story

Since she designed her first set of scrubs in 2012, TiScrubs has been driven by Natalie Busch’s vision. Inspired by her husband, an NFL team dentist and founder of TeamSmile, Natalie embarked on a mission to create scrubs with a sporty style.

Leveraging her expertise from Product Development with a leading U.S. brand and her love for Lululemon athleisure, she meticulously crafted TiScrubs to embody style, comfort, and durability. 

Today, what started as a passionate endeavor has evolved into a thriving woman-owned business, adorning healthcare professionals nationwide with premium, athletically-inspired scrubs.

Giving Back

From day one, TiScrubs has been a proud advocate for TeamSmile, backing their mission with financial contributions and specially tailored scrubs for their impactful outreach initiatives.

Learn more about TeamSmile.

Discover What Sets Us Apart


Experience the epitome of comfort with our athletically-inspired scrub designs featuring our iconic Air-Knit Mesh™. Beyond style, our signature mesh enhances flexibility and airflow, ensuring unparalleled comfort and functionality.


Partnering with a single manufacturer for over a decade ensures consistent fit and continuous quality enhancements with each passing year.


While we stand among major scrub brands, we offer personalized, one-on-one customer service, ensuring each interaction is met with excellence and attention to detail.