Not Your Average Scrubs

Athletically-inspired scrubs that are truly sublime.

Our Story

What's up with the Ti?

The Ti in TiScrubs is for the element Titanium because, like Titanium, our scrubs are lightweight and strong.

Our Mission

to surprise and delight in everything we do

Our Titanium Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

That’s our guiding principle in everything we do, and it usually keeps our ass out of trouble.

At TiScrubs, we do everything with integrity.

That Quality

Make high-quality scrubs that we would want to wear day in and day out. We’re not interested in making anything that's just going to sit in your closet.

Special Service

Treat our customers with respect, even the rude ones. The customer is always, err, usually right, and their time is valuable. We are lucky to have their business, and we know it, so we act like it.

Giving Back

Give back to the dental charity TeamSmile (our founder’s husband is a dentist, after all). TeamSmile helps underserved kids in cities across the U.S. receive the free dental treatment they desperately need.