The TiScrubs Story

The TiScrubs Story
It all began with a simple idea: Medical professionals should look and feel as good in their uniforms as professional athletes do in theirs. Founded in 2012 by Kansas City dentist, Dr. Bill Busch, TiScrubs is the originator of the antimicrobial athletic scrub – designed to keep healthcare providers cool, dry and light throughout the course of their workday.

Our Mission

TiScrubs’ mission is to help people. We do this in two ways: 

  1. By creating the best-looking and best-performing athletic-inspired performance wear scrubs
  2. By donating a portion of all sales to TeamSmile®, a non-profit organization that partners pro sports teams and dental professionals to provide free dental care to underserved kids in the U.S.

What does the “Ti” stand for?

The “Ti“ stands for the element Titanium because, like Titanium, TiScrubs are lightweight yet strong.

Periodic Table of Elements