From Dentist to Dad: Dr. Vince Riggio Shares His Journey

From Dentist to Dad: Dr. Vince Riggio Shares His Journey

At TiScrubs, we’re always eager to learn more about the professionals who wear our scrubs. This time, we’re honored to feature Dr. Vince Riggio, a dentist who’s recently embraced fatherhood, offering him fresh perspectives both at work and at home. Join us as we sit down with him to chat about dentistry and being a dad.

What initially drew you to dentistry as a profession?

Dr. Riggio: "I’ve always been drawn to healthcare. Dentistry appealed to me because it blends the care aspects with the autonomy of running a practice. It’s the perfect mix of being a healthcare provider and a small business owner."

How has becoming a father changed your perspective on your work?

Dr. Riggio: "It’s definitely made me more patient and empathetic. Being a father makes you rethink how you interact with others; I find myself more understanding and better at putting myself in my patients' shoes."

How do you balance your new role as a father with your career?

Dr. Riggio: "It's about finding the right balance and being present in both roles. I try to be fully engaged at work during the day and then give my full attention to family when I'm home."

How has fatherhood influenced your relationships with colleagues and patients?

Dr. Riggio: "It’s made me a better listener and more patient. These qualities definitely help in building stronger relationships with both colleagues and patients."

Any advice for other working parents in healthcare?

Dr. Riggio: "Stay organized and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Balancing work and family is challenging but also incredibly rewarding."

What features do you look for in scrubs for your work?

Dr. Riggio: "Comfort is key. I prefer materials that feel good and allow for easy movement, much like athletic wear. TiScrubs are great because they’re not just breathable but also lightweight, which is crucial for long days."

Can you describe how comfortable and functional scrubs contribute to your effectiveness as a dentist?

Dr. Riggio: "Absolutely. The comfort and functionality of TiScrubs allow me to perform my best without feeling restricted. The stretchy material lets me move freely, which is essential for both simple check-ups and lengthy procedures."

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