Scrubs with a Heart

Scrubs with a Heart

There are many reasons why TiScrubs is quickly becoming the brand of scrubs more people are wearing. One reason is our comfortable fabric. We have the most comfortable scrubs you will ever put on your body because of the quality of our fabric and feel of our scrubs against your skin. Our material is silky, smooth and soft. Another reason people wear our scrubs is that they look amazing. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant. You won’t have to spend time ironing to look sharp and professional. Customers wear TiScrubs for the athletic-inspired fit. The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring that gently hugs your waist or hips (when you roll down the waistband) for a more flattering look and feel. The top has mesh panels on the side seams and under your arms, to help maintain a comfortable body temperature when your days get hectic. Our colors have been chosen to compliment all skin tones, and we have a size to fit everyone in the office. 

Emotional Benefits of buying TiScrubs

Buying TiScrubs has emotional benefits as well. When you purchase a pair of Tiscrubs, a portion of the proceeds is donated to TeamSmile. TeamSmile is a non-profit organization that partners pro sports teams and dental professionals around the U.S. to bring much-needed dental services to underserved children in their communities. In fact, TeamSmile events are held in the stadiums and arenas of the sports teams involved with each program. And when we say “partner” what we mean is “show up”, because players and coaches “show up” to dance with the kids, hold their hands during treatment, and sign autographs. The smiles are contagious, of players and participants alike. Players choose to be there for the kids and spend time with them.

An example of this was the recent TeamSmile event held in San Diego with the Chargers. #25, Darrell Stuckey, was there (along with a few of his teammates), and spent much of his time on the dance floor sharing moves with a 7-year-old who couldn’t have been more excited. Darrel was the Chargers' 2015 Walter Payton Man of the Year. That year the Kansas City, Kansas School District presented him with the “Reason to Believe Award” which is given to an alumnus who has made a positive impact on the community. Darrell came with a heart to serve, and he came to play and dance on the Club Level of the San Diego Chargers stadium with the underserved children from around the San Diego area.

Your purchase of TiScrubs helps fund events like this around the U.S. all year-long. Every pair of scrub pants sold makes it possible for a child to get a cavity filled, receive an x-ray they need, or get sealants to protect his or her teeth from future cavities. Every purchase of a scrub top helps fund supplies or food for volunteers. Your purchase makes it possible for TiScrubs to provide their scrubs to the volunteers TeamSmile needs to execute the event -- doctors, hygienists, assistants, and sterilization personnel.

So thank you for your support! Together, we can show we care about the children in our very own communities who need dental education and services that will help them live healthier lives.

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