Best Men's Jogger Scrub Pants

Simply The Best Men's Jogger Scrub Pants

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To say that all men’s scrub joggers were created equal is simply not true. In fact, there are two rather distinct categories: TiScrubs Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants – and everybody else’s.

Best Men's Scrub Joggers

The obvious difference between our Men’s Jogger Pants and those made by other scrub brands (who shall remain nameless here so as not to shame them for their misguided efforts) is that TiScrubs Men’s Jogger Pants were designed for men and other brands seem to have made them purely as an afterthought. Something like, “Hey, if we add a fly to these, don’t you think we could sell these to guys, too?”

A reasonable assumption is that, if you’re looking at men’s pants, you’re hoping – and expecting – to find a somewhat masculine fit or style; otherwise, you’d be perusing the women’s pants, right? Men’s scrubs that make you look like you have a little testosterone in there is usually a plus. Men’s scrub pants need to have a certain feature, or five, to ensure that the dude wearing them doesn’t look, um, soft.

It’s in the cut. The fabric. The stitching. The drawstring. (Don’t even get us started on the contrasting-color, pastel drawstrings we’ve seen out there lately. Really, people?)

Let’s talk about the cut. Last time we checked, men weren’t super excited about having skinny-looking, tree twig calves and ankles. The cut of our Men’s Jogger Scrubs makes even skinny calves look muscular. In addition to the way our scrub joggers are cut below the knee, they also have strong ankle cuffs, which make your ankles look strong and sturdy. With three rows of stitching.
The fabric is key, and we know that, which is why our fabric has a certain structure to it. Though it feels silky and smooth, it looks structured. Other brands may have soft fabric, but their soft fabric is also soft-looking – around the ankles, around the crotch. No bueno.

Men's Jogger Scrub Pants

Although stitching is something the layperson doesn’t think of, it makes all the difference in fashion. There are stitches that are barely there, and there are stitches that are noticeable. Most men’s clothing looks best with bold stitching because it accentuates the masculine features of the pants, shirt or jacket. For example, bold stitching accentuates masculine pockets and seams, which in turn makes the item look more masculine. TiScrubs Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants have masculine front pockets and hidden pockets on the derriere that you can actually see and appreciate because of the bold stitching. Same goes for the side seams and the cuffs – the stitching is noticeable, and therefore makes the pants – and the man wearing them – look strong and athletic. Who doesn’t want to look like that?

But, alas, bad-looking men’s scrub joggers abound everywhere.  Except for ours. And that’s because our Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants were made and designed with men in mind. Go figure.

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