VNA Scrubs

Welcome to TiScrubs!

We’re a local KC scrub brand, and we’re going to take great care of you.

Here are few guidelines to follow when ordering so that you get exactly what you need:

1. Choose from any of the scrub top and pants styles from our Stretch Collection below and be sure to select only Navy Blue.

2. When you’re choosing your scrub top size, you will also need to select “Add Embroidery”, and then  ‘‘Custom Logo”. We already have your logo, so when it asks “Do we have your logo?” select "Yes". 

3. If you order a Scrub Jacket, you'll need to select either “Navy Blue” or “Ceil Blue” (Ceil Blue is only available in the Women’s style).  

4. If you order Underscrubs, you can choose any of the three colors.

5. When checking out, don't forget to apply the coupon code provided by VNA to get your special pricing!

Scrubs For Women

Scrubs For Men