Green Eyeglasses Badge Reel Accessory
Green Glasses Badge Reel Accessory on White 20/20 Vision Scrub Top
Eye Chart and Eyeglasses Badge Reel Accessorries

Badge Reel Accessory: "Excellent Eyeglasses"


This "Excellent Eyeglasses" Badge Reel Accessory is from our latest collab with My Fair Ellie, another woman-owned business. Hand-cut and hand-stitched by women in the U.S.A. who make these as their side hustle, you should feel "reel" good about wearing these Badge Reel Accessories. 

NOTE: Badge Reel (which can hold up to two interchangeable Badge Reel Accessories) is sold separately. 

"Easy Eye Chart" Badge Reel Accessory shown is sold separately.