A Streamlined Medical Hijab For Women In Medicine

A Streamlined Medical Hijab For Women In Medicine

The demand for a streamlined and functional headscarf for Muslim women who practice medicine was what inspired us to develop our latest scrub accessory, a hijab designed specifically for medical professionals. At TiScrubs we are always challenging ourselves to develop the best and most unique, high-tech performance fabrics, design the freshest athletically-inspired scrub styles, and solve the everyday needs of doctors who wear scrubs.

And with our Women’s Medical Hijab it was no different. We set out to make the best medical hijab out there. To do this, we spoke with hijab-wearing physicians from around the US, and we asked them what they were looking for in a hijab that they could wear while working. What we heard over and over again was that they wanted a hijab that provided full coverage of their hair, neck and chest, yet was simple and functional. One of their biggest concerns was being able to put their stethoscopes on quickly and easily without exposing their hair or ears. After trying different solutions to this problem, we discovered that the simplest solution was the best.

Designing An Athletic Medical Hijab

We developed special, double-paneled ear slits that allow women to insert their stethoscopes into their ears with ease. Behind each ear slit is a double-layered fabric panel system that allows the stethoscope easy entry into the ear without ever exposing the ear or hair. When the ear piece is inserted into the slit, it goes into one layer of the fabric panel system first, before entering a second layer of fabric that is positioned slightly off from the first layer. And if it sounds complicated, it’s not. It’s really easy!

Another thing we heard from women was that they didn’t want a lot of bulky fabric around their necks while working – they wanted a hijab that provided full coverage of their neck and chest but wasn’t so long or billowy that it got in the way of working with their patients. So we designed our hijab to be sleek and streamlined, yet still simple and modest. Our hijab slips easily over the head and requires no adjustments throughout the day. With the TiScrubs Medical Hijab, women can focus on their work and their patients.

Women also told us they wanted something that wasn’t going to make them feel too warm, so we made sure our hijab – like our scrubs and scrub jackets – had breathable panels made from our signature mesh. The main portion of our hijab is comprised of our sporty stretch fabric, which is buttery-soft and comfy. The stretch allows women to wear their hair however they want underneath their hijab because the fabric can stretch to accommodate even the largest amounts of hair.

The Performance Fabrics In Our Hijab

There’s no sweating in our hijab either because, like everything at TiScrubs, it’s antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. Our moisture-wicking technology does the same thing that Nike’s Dri-Fit technology does – it keeps you cool and dry, and wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin.

We also asked women what their number-one color choice would be, and the clear winner was black, so we made our hijab in our best-selling color, Real Black. But women told us they would also like a lighter color, something more muted, so we also offer our Women’s Medical Hijab in our signature color, Titanium Grey. Titanium Grey is a light grey that looks great with every skin tone.

Our Women’s Medical Hijab is extremely easy to care for because the women we spoke with told us they were often pressed for time. It can be thrown into the clothes washer and then set out or hung up to dry, and it dries quickly and looks awesome. Our hijab does not wrinkle, and it won’t shrink or fade either. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Lightweight, stretchy and breathable, our first-ever medical hijab provides women in medicine with the comfort and functionality they need to perform at the highest level. Whether they are working with animals or humans in a private practice or hospital setting, the TiScrubs Medical Hijab for women is the perfect solution, and it’s also reasonably priced; our Real Black and Titanium Grey hijabs are $30.

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