A "Handmade Tale" About My Fair Ellie

A "Handmade Tale" About My Fair Ellie

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Once upon a time (okay, maybe about five years ago), a creative nurse named Cassie (who also happens to be a supermom) began making decorations -- much like puffy stickers from the 80s -- for the badge reels that she and her coworkers were wearing at the hospital where she worked. And voilà -- the Badge Buddies craze was born! 

What's so special about Badge Buddies? Everything, pretty much, but our favorite thing about them is that they are hand-cut and stitched by women who wish or need to work from home or who simply want a side hustle. There's nothing like the handmade feel of My Fair Ellie's badge reel toppers; the mass-produced ones don't even come close. Another thing we love about Badge Buddies is that they are interchangeable, so you can swap them out as often as you'd like. Collecting and mixing and matching can be quite fun -- and addictive!

We thought Badge Buddies were so nifty that we asked Cassie if her team at My Fair Ellie would make exclusive Badge Buddy designs for TiScrubs, and we were thrilled when she said yes. 

We have Badge Buddies for all types of healthcare providers, from veterinarians to eye doctors. We also have Badge Buddies for sports fanatics, animal lovers, and anyone who just likes to make their workday a little more fun!

Our TiScrubs Badge Buddies look great with our solid-color scrubs, but we also have badge reel topper designs that match our awesome print scrub tops. Our favorite is our "Gone Bananas" bundle (shown here). We also did a double-collaboration with another partner of ours -- Charlie Hustle -- to make Charlie Hustle Badge Buddies!

How does this tale end? Hopefully you will fall in love with Badge Buddies, too!

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