Dental Scrubs and Dental Prints for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants

The Dental Scrubs You Need

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As a dental professional, your daily tasks are different than, say, those of a medical doctor, nurse, or veterinarian. Sure, there are many similarities, too, but there’s no doubt about it -- you do some things your other friends in healthcare don’t have to -- or can’t do?

Scrubs for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants

One obvious difference is the fact that your focus is on the oral health of humans. So if you’re going to wear a scrub top that has a fun print, you probably want one that gives a nod to lips, gums, those pearly whites, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste --all the usual “mouth stuff”. Finding print scrub tops for dental professionals that aren’t juvenile or just downright ugly can be challenging to say the least. Other scrub brands (many of which have been around far too long to even be relevant anymore) are about forty years behind when it comes to the designs they use for their print scrub tops, and they seem to think that grown adults still love cartoons as much as they did when they were five years old. At TiScrubs we believe that just because you want a print scrub top (versus a solid-color scrub top) does not mean that all of your good taste has to go out the window. We design dental scrub prints that are fresh, bold, and classy.

Not Ugly Dental Print Scrubs

Whether you give off super-serious vibes at work or consider it a place to test comedic material for your impending open-mic night debut, we have the perfect tooth scrub top designs for you. Take our “Fresh Smile” Dental Scrub Top. It has a bold pattern of different mouths with pretty, white teeth and bright red lips. It is guaranteed to land you a compliment or two from patients every time you wear it. We also have a more reserved dental scrub top design called the “Clean Teeth” Dental Scrub Top. In a black and white color palette, it features toothbrushes, toothpaste, and molars, all arranged in a subtle and sophisticated pattern. And, with both of these designs, you will look professional. Let’s be honest, it’s important for you to look professional because everyone knows that patients do better in the chair when they believe that the person wielding that needle knows what’s up.

Dental Print Scrub Tops

Our dental print scrub tops don’t just look good; they are functional. They have three pockets -- one perfectly-placed chest pocket and two lower pockets that are deep enough for just about everything you’ve got. Our dental print scrub tops are made from soft and stretchy fabric that is moisture-wicking so you stay dry throughout your day.

Solid Scrubs For Dental Professionals

We also have solid-color scrubs that are perfect for dental professionals. If you’re a dentist or a dental hygienist, your work requires you to sit most of the day with your legs straddled and your back hunched over. Of course, we can’t help you with your neck and back issues (sorry!), but our new Stretch Collection scrubs will ensure that you won’t rip or tear the crotch of your scrub pants when you least expect it, thanks to our reinforced stitching. Another unique thing dentists have to do is wear dental loupes. We’ve got you covered there, too. We created the perfect place (a fabric loop on the back of your scrub top) to clip the battery pack for your loupes light.

Dental Loupe Clip On Scrubs

If you’re in endodontics, bleach might be something you have to deal with on a regular basis. Our new Stretch Collection scrubs can tolerate small splashes of bleach here and there. You can simply hit it with some water right away, and your scrubs won’t be totally ruined.

Why Our Dental Scrubs Are The Best

We wanted to make sure that our Stretch Collection scrubs were the perfect dental scrubs, so we tested them in a large dental practice during the product development phase. Here were just some of the things they asked for that we made sure to address: 

  • We want stretchy scrubs. Our Stretch Collection scrubs are 97% poly and 3% Spandex. Our stretchy performance fabric can handle all of those unique sitting positions and body bends.
  • The crotch of our scrub pants can’t rip. We use reinforced stitching in the crotch of our Stretch scrubs.
  • I need a place for my instruments. We loaded up our Stretch Collection scrubs with pockets galore. You name it, we have a pocket for it.
  • My tummy can’t show when I raise up my arms. We tested all of our Stretch scrub tops to make sure your stomach stays hidden.
  • My coin slot can’t show when I bend down or lean over. We tested our Stretch collection scrub pants until we made sure no cracks would show. We’ve got you covered on this!
  • I need scrubs that are easy to care for. Our Stretch Collection scrubs don’t shrink, they don’t fade, they are resistant to bleach and they are resistant to pet hair.
  • I don’t want anyone to know I’m sweating. Our Stretch Collection scrubs are moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry, and antimicrobial to keep the sweat odor to a minimum.

No other scrub brand focuses on dental professionals the way we do. You came to the right place -- we have the best dental scrubs in the biz.

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