The Benefits of TiScrubs

The Benefits of TiScrubs

When you are working, you probably do not think much about how your clothing impacts your day-to-day work life; however, once you try TiScrubs, you are going to realize how much you have been missing.

Not long ago, Dental Products Report featured an article about the benefits of using TiScrubs in your practice after talking with Dr. Chad Wagener, DDS. In the article, Chad Wagener, DDS spoke about how TiScrubs have made a difference in his dental practice, and why first impressions are important:

    “Patients have several first impressions when they come to our office, from the initial phone call, to the office décor and the professionalism of the team,” he said. “I have a very busy general dentistry office that is modern and high tech. When it came to finding new scrubs for my team and I, we really did not want the traditional cotton or blended lab coats or smocks. I was looking for something more modern looking.

    “While at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, TiScrubs caught my eye.  These scrubs were different from anything else I had seen. They were lightweight, breathable and antimicrobial. My team was excited about them, and our patients constantly comment on how professional we look. These scrubs are very comfortable to wear, keep me cool even during my toughest procedures and are holding up great!”

Certainly first impressions are not everything to patients, but they sure do help. Giving a professional first impression can go a long way with a patient, and following up that good first impression with quality service only reinforces the professionalism.Dr. Busch in TiScrubs

In addition to giving a great first impression to patients, TiScrubs has also helped cut costs for Dr. Wagener’s practice.

“Previously we were sending our scrubs out to a local dry cleaner to have them laundered and pressed.  Now we have installed a washer and dryer and do our own laundry.  This has saved us hundreds of dollars every month with minimal additional time from the team. The scrubs come out of the dryer looking great, and we have not noticed any fading like we used to with our cotton blended scrubs. And if the scrubs were not enough, some of the profits go towards helping TeamSmile, a non-profit organization using professional sports to draw disadvantaged kids into their first dentistry experience. TiScrubs are a win-win, and they make any team look and feel their best and make a great first impression!”

Victoria Carr, the Expanded Function Dental Assistant for Dr. Chad Wagener’s practice, was very complimentary of TiScrubs.

 “After 19 years working in the dental field, it has been refreshing to find scrubs that are functional, fashionable, comfortable and easy to maintain all in one product.”

    “Because our attire is consistent day in and day out, it is important to our team to feel good about what we wear. Our new TiScrubs do just that!  From a very busy vendor floor at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, our first impression of the TiScrubs product and representatives stood out among all the rest and has proven itself over the last year. They have been wonderful to work with!”

From giving a great first impression to cutting costs, TiScrubs can add so much to your business. Order your scrubs today to experience first-hand the many benefits TiScrubs can make for your office!

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