What the Ti means in TiScrubs

Many people ask us why our scrubs are called TiScrubs. Questions we get all the time are “What exactly does the ‘Ti’ mean?” and “How do I say ‘TiScrubs’ anyway?” (We hear everything from “tis-scrubs” to “ty-scrubs” to “t-i-scrubs”.)

First, let’s clarify the pronunciation: ‘TiScrubs’ is pronounced ‘t-i-scrubs’. The ‘Ti’ in ‘TiScrubs’ is the symbol for Titanium, a chemical element with the atomic number 22 (hence, the 22 in our brand’s logo). Our customers immediately recall this from Chemistry class, as Titanium and its place in the periodic table are things they became intimately familiar when studying medicine.

Titanium is a metal with a silver color, and it is low in density (which makes it very lightweight) and high strength. Our scrubs are exactly that – lightweight yet strong. This combination makes us very unique in the world of scrubs and, considering the demanding work that our customers do every day, we believe these are two useful qualities to have in a scrub. Our scrubs are lightweight (and silky on the inside). Customers often say they feel like they are wearing pajamas – or nothing at all! Once they wear our scrubs, they tell us they can’t go back to wearing the heavy, traditional cotton scrubs again.

In our previous post, we discussed how easy to care for TiScrubs are and how well they hold up. They do not fade or pill like cotton blended scrubs. TiScrubs are strong. They can withstand both the long day at work, and they hold up after being washed rigorously on a regular basis. TiScrubs don’t fade and always look as good as the day you first bought them. 

Natalie Busch, TiScrubs CEO and creator, offered her input on how titanium reflects the company and its product: “Titanium is used in everything from toothpaste to vitamins to make-up; it is essential in our everyday life. It’s the best element to work with when making alloys because it’s lightweight-yet-strong, and results in a superior product. Our scrubs are all of these things – essential, strong-yet-lightweight and, to put it simply, the best! And, just like titanium, TiScrubs is here to stay!”

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