Does Nike Make Medical Scrubs?

Does Nike Make Medical Scrubs?

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When Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike back in the 1960s, Nike wasn’t even called Nike, and the idea of making clothing wasn’t even on the radar. First called Blue Ribbon Sports, the company focused solely on developing and offering the best running shoes possible to what eventually became a cult following. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that Nike began making apparel, to give their die-hard fans even more to love of a brand that captivated them.

Nike’s corporate mission today is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” The company further states that everybody is an athlete, based on co-founder Bill Bowerman's statement, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

So, the question is: Will Nike ever make scrubs?

Not likely, since practicing medicine isn’t a sport (although it oftentimes feels like it could be with all the training, physical endurance required and intense hours). While millions of Americans wish that it would, selling healthcare uniforms doesn’t fall in line with Nike’s athletic apparel offering or their agenda to help athletes perform better in sports.

It’s fair to say that if Nike were to make scrubs, they’d probably look and feel a lot like TiScrubs. We are The Original Athletic Scrub, and we were founded in 2012 by an innovative and technology-obsessed dentist who wanted to create scrubs that looked as cool as what professional athletes wore on the field.

TiScrubs: The Original Athletic Scrub

From afar, TiScrubs have been mistaken for Nike scrubs countless times – at tradeshows, in the grocery store, you name it. There are two main reasons for this: the fabric that we use and the athletic vibe that is intrinsic to every scrub top and scrub pants that we design. At the height of the jogger craze (a craze that, incredibly, seems to have become a staple in every athleisure wardrobe) we introduced our own sporty version of a scrub jogger that instantly became one of our best-selling scrub styles of all-time. Our Men’s Scrub Jogger was so popular that we soon learned that many of our customers were buying them to wear outside of work as well.

Our fabric is made especially for TiScrubs, to meet our exact specifications and give it the appearance and strength that makes it so undeniably unique and special. And just like your favorite Nike running shorts, TiScrubs can be washed and dried without a care in the world, and still come out looking perfectly wrinkle-free every time. Similar to Nike’s Dri-Fit® technology, TiScrubs has its own moisture-wicking technology to help keep hard-working medical professionals dry and comfortable when the going gets tough.

Athletic scrubs

Athletic Scrubs Have Added Benefits 

Every piece in the TiScrubs collection has signature mesh panels designed to resemble and give the benefits of the mesh that adorns most NFL and other pro sports jerseys. These mesh panels not only look sporty and athletic, but they are functional, too.

So while you may have been disappointed to learn that Nike doesn’t make scrubs for doctors and nurses when you first started reading this, you can take solace in knowing that there’s something out there that’s just as good, and just as cool. And, like Nike, TiScrubs offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more and free, no-hassle returns and exchanges. So what are you waiting for? I think Phil Knight would say, “Just do it.”

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