Legit Kansas City Scrubs

When you shop with us you are shopping local and supporting a Kansas City business.

Patrick Mahomes scrub tops? We have them. Charlie Hustle scrub tops? Yup, we’ve got those, too. We are a scrub brand (like FIGS or Grey’s Anatomy, only waaaay better) that started right here in Kansas City, just a few blocks from Chicken ‘n Pickle. Yes, we are “online-only”, but don’t let that stop you from giving our scrubs a try. Our shipping is free (when you spend $50 or more) and always fast -- people in the KC metro typically receive their orders the next business day. Returns and exchanges are always free, so you can try on whatever you want conveniently and safely in your own home. And if you don’t love our scrubs (although $10 bucks says you will), you can send them back to us for a full refund, and we’ll pay for the shipping.

Kansas City Scrubs

Scrub Stores? Really?

Who wants or has the time to go to the store anymore, especially a scrub store with racks crammed full of boring old scrubs? Scrub Hub, Uniforms and More, Scrubs & Beyond . . . sorry, but they’re just so depressing. From the bad lighting to the overstuffed racks, who the hell wants to shop like that? And their returns and exchanges policies stink -- some only offer store credit, on a plastic gift card no less. UGH. 

While stores like Scrub Hub and Uniforms and More are somewhat local, Scrubs & Beyond has over 120 stores nationwide. Do you think they really know or care about Kansas City and what kind of scrubs Kansas City nurses and doctors want? No way.

That’s why we dominate the scrub scene here in KC -- we have scrub designs that are specific to Kansas City. Local Kansas City artist, Bill P., did the Kansas City skyline -- in his unique graffiti style -- for one of our scrub tops. And we did a collaboration with Charlie Hustle so that you could wear the much-loved, iconic Charlie Hustle KC Heart to work. We also partnered with the NFL Players Association to bring you Patrick Mahomes scrubs with our very own artwork that you won’t find anywhere else -- the very best kind of Chiefs scrubs around. 

Supporting Local

Another reason to make us your #1 source for scrubs if you live in Kansas City is that we proudly support a non-profit that also started here in KC, TeamSmile. TeamSmile provides free dental care to underserved kids in our Kansas City community with all our local pro sports teams: Sporting KC, the Royals, and the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s sort of like a dental tailgate where the players come out to Arrowhead Stadium or Kauffman Stadium or Children’s Mercy Park to have fun with the kids while they get their dental work done! 

We love our hometown and we love our customers here in the metro. KC medical professionals are the best, so we provide them with the best scrubs in Kansas City!

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