The Dope Scrubs You Need

The Dope Scrubs You've Been Looking For

Got good scrub game? Let us answer that for you: If you’re not wearing our dope scrubs, then quite possibly you don’t. Or maybe you do but, like with shoes, you’re always down for expanding your collection. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we explain why our scrubs are super dope.

Dope People Wear Our Scrubs

The first reason is simple: Some pretty cool people wear them: Dr. Robert Drummond in LA (on Bravo’s Married to Medicine), Dr. Meena Singh of Kansas City (featured on the cover of New York Times) and Dr. Nick Ciardiello in NYC. These people are real customers who found our products all on their own and are super-fans. Real, authentic customers, not paid influencers. Now that’s dope. 

Dope People Wear Dope Scrubs

Reason number two: Our scrubs are modern in both look and feel. Yeah, other scrub brands say their scrubs are modern, but they’re really not. Take FIGS for example; their main fabric looks and feels old-school, and it doesn’t wash or wear very well according to customer reviews. When you wear TiScrubs, people will stop you in the hallways and ask what you’re wearing because they look so different and, you guessed it, dope. They look this way because of our unique fabric combinations (the secret sauce is our breathable mesh). Plus, our fabric, like all modern athletic-wear fabrics from brands like Nike and Adidas, is both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. Another thing about TiScrubs that makes them modern is the fact that pet hair slides right off and liquid spills vanish before your very eyes. And caring for your TiScrubs is simple -- just wash in the washer and dry in the dryer. They won’t shrink, fade, pill, or wrinkle! Pretty dope, huh?

The Most Comfortable Scrubs Around

Third reason: TiScrubs are the most comfortable scrubs around. Some customers tell us they buy our scrubs just to sleep and lounge around in. Now that’s saying something. 

Fourth reason: We give back to TeamSmile, a non-profit organization that gives underserved kids right here in the US much-needed dental treatment for free. What’s more, these kids get to kick it with professional athletes while their teeth are getting worked on. Whattttt? Teams from the NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS participate in TeamSmile.

Dope Scrub Collaborations

Fifth reason: We’ve collaborated with some super dope brands and artists to bring you fresh designs you won’t find anywhere else. We also have officially-licensed NFL Players Association scrubs that feature your favorite players. 

If you want to see for yourself just how dope our scrubs are, grab a set and give them a try! 

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