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6 Cool Gift Ideas for Nurses

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Nurses deal with blood, guts and attitude all day every day, so when it comes to giving them a gift you’d better make sure it’s a thoughtful one. (And if you can make them laugh, even better.) Finding the perfect present can be challenging, especially when a birthday sneaks up on you or when the holidays are fast approaching and you’ve suddenly forgotten all the cool gift ideas you promised yourself you wouldn’t forget throughout the year. 

We made our own list of seven dope gift ideas that we think are worthy of being bestowed upon the incredible nurse in your life. Of course, our scrubs made the top of our list (totally shameless), but just wait until you see why.

Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #1

Fuk-it-ol Flask

Nurse Gift Idea: Funny Flask

You know there are those days when they just want to throw their hands up in the AY-ER and say “Fuk-it-ol”. And for those times, it’s only natural that they would want to drink whiskey straight up (although we are neither suggesting nor condoning this be done on the job). What we love about this gift? They’ll think of you -- their potty-mouth friend -- every time they take a swig. Good times!

Shop The Fuk-it-ol Flask

Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #2

Pillow for nurses

The Ostrich Pillow

Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these? Nurse or not, this gift is straight up fawesome.  As in, gotta have it and gotta have it now. Nurses who work long shifts will really appreciate one of these totally normal-looking (not at all normal-looking) pillows. Shut-eye can be had anytime, anywhere. No bed? No problem. Peaceful sleep is even possible at the nurse’s station and hospital hallways with this nifty gifty.

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Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #3

Bobble Heads for Nurses

Nurse Bobble Heads

This one is for the vain nurse in your life. You know, the one who’s always posting selfies on Insta and never passes by a mirror without looking. What could be better than a 3-D image in their likeness that they can display at work for all to see? These bobbleheads are very nicely done (they actually look like the person that they’re supposed to look like) and you can choose from six different interesting nurse outfits:

  • Male Nurse
  • Female Nurse
  • Medical Professional in Blue Scrubs 
  • Casual nurse 
  • Beautiful Nurse 
  • Sexy Nurse

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Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #4

Enamel Pins for Nurses

Enamel Pins for Nurses

Think of these as miniature, removable tattoos. They definitely look as cool as tattoos, only they’re smaller and not permanent. They’ve got everything from uteruses to brains, so no matter what kind of nurse they are, there’s an organ for them.

Shop Enamel Pins

Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #5

Crock-Pot’s 6-quart Express
Crock Pot For Nurses
Cooking. Just. Ain’t. Happening. A tired and busy nurse would rather eat paper than spend hours in the kitchen after working a long shift. This Crock-Pot is awesome because it can do everything -- it’s both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker, plus it browns, sautés, and steams. And what we love about it is that if they don’t have time before their shift to use it as a true slow cooker while they’re at work, they can still use the pressure cooker setting when they get home to quickly and easily make soup or chili. For the days when they just need to fill their pie-hole.

Nurse-worthy Gift Idea #6

TiScrubs Long-sleeve Mesh Underscrub


We couldn’t resist sneaking one more TiScrubs thing onto our list. But trust us, this one is also legit. Hospitals and doctors’ offices are famously freezing, which means nurses have to combat their own hypothermia in addition to all the other crap they have to deal with. Our TiScrubs Underscrubs solve this problem perfectly. Made from performance mesh, our Underscrubs breathe easily (which means your nurse won’t overheat) and are both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial (which means they’ll feel dry and fresh all day). Available for men and women in three basic colors, they also come in both a long-sleeve and short-sleeve option.

Shop Underscrubs


Notice that we didn't put a stethoscope on our list. Why? Because a stethoscope is so obvious and the opposite of thoughtful. Unless, of course, they’re just starting out and broke. Then maybe you should think about one of those for them.

Best of luck in your gift search. Hope our list helps!

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