Scrub Hats for Men and Women

What's Up With Scrub Caps?

Doctors, nurses and surgeons aren’t the only ones who have to cover their heads for work. Lots of other professions require specific headgear when on the clock. Some look pretty cool, while others are, well, rather silly-looking. 

Take the chef’s hat, called a toque, for example. Why in the world is it so ridiculously tall? Here’s a hint: It’s not for stashing a bottle of vodka, although one could surely fit in there. Originating in the 1500s, the toque’s different heights signified the chef’s rank within the kitchen. And, supposedly it was designed to prevent hair from falling into the food that was being prepared but, if that’s really the purpose, it seems that its creator didn’t quite accomplish that goal.

Chef Hat

In sharp contrast, the firefighter’s helmet not only looks pretty sweet, but its design is obviously based on functionality (being that it’s hard and all). This hat is designed to protect the person wearing it from heat, embers, and the other myriad of things that present themselves in an inferno.

Fire Fighter Hat

If you’re a surgeon, P.A., or nurse who spends time in the O.R., then you know that you, too, are required to wear some kind of scrub cap or surgical hat for your job.  Which means you’re also probably aware that the selection of head coverings for medical professionals out there is quite varied. You’ve got your bouffant cap, your traditional skullcap, and a zillion hybrids of these two medical hat styles.

Scrub Cap Styles

The bouffant cap looks much like an oversized shower cap, with an elastic band and a whole lot of extra fabric that balloons out. Presumably it was designed to keep every last bit of hair, with the exception of facial hair, from possibly falling into and contaminating a sterile operating environment.  The functionality is what’s appealing about this style of surgical cap – not its good looks. Most of the time this type of medical cap is disposable, and whether or not that’s a plus has been a major source of debate. Critics of this style of head covering say that the throw-away, paper material that these are made from is more permeable than cloth and therefore incapable of preventing microbial shed. Proponents of the bouffant cap argue that it’s the only style of scrub hat that keeps all hair out of the way, particularly hair just above the ears and sideburns.

Traditional surgical caps, or skullcaps as they’re sometimes called, certainly seem to be the better-looking option of the two. They are typically fitted close to the head, and sometimes tie in the back for an adjustable fit. Other styles have an elastic band, which also allows for a fit that works for various head circumferences. The negative aspect of this style of scrub hat is that they typically allow some hair above the ears and on the neck to be exposed. 

And then there are all the other crazy styles of scrub hats styles out there. Some have features such as creative ties, holes for ponytails, and special bun coverings for long hair. And then there are all the wild colors and designs that are offered – everything from teddy bears to galaxies. You name it, and it probably exists.

Our Favorite Scrub Caps

But what about the medical professionals who are merely trying to cover their heads? They don’t want to look silly, and they don’t want to make a statement. TiScrubs has perfect understated scrub caps, simple and sleek.

Scrub Caps for Men and Women

We offer two styles (one for short hair or no hair, and one for long hair), both made with an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking poly-spandex performance fabric. The one for longer hair is our Women’s Scrub Cap, although it, of course, would work for men with long hair as well. The other version, which we call our Men’s Scrub Cap, works great for both men and women with short hair or no hair at all.

Both styles have a comfortable elastic band that keeps them in place, preventing them from moving around, and both have a mesh top panel that provides breathability. TiScrubs Women’s Scrub Cap has a hole in the back of it, along with a drawstring sack. These features allow the person wearing it to pull their long hair through the hole and secure it neatly in the sack. Both scrub hats are available in two neutral colors, Titanium Gray (light gray) and Real Black, which means they coordinate with all our scrub colors.

So what are you waiting for? 

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