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When Sami Mauer, owner of Series Six Apparel in St. Louis, asked us to partner with her to make themed scrub tops for the healthcare workers in her hometown, we were all in. After all, it’s no secret that we like to comingle with other brands we think are fun. (We don’t love everyone, sorry.) And since both TiScrubs and Series Six are run by women who are kicking some major booty right now, we knew it would be an unstoppable partnership.

Women Owned Scrub Business

Sami Mauer, born and raised in St. Louis, knows and loves her city inside and out and it shows in everything she and her team create. Series Six, best known for its unique tee-shirt designs, is way more than just a tee-shirt company. They make everything from tee-shirts to bucket hats to totes, all with unique designs that hone in on what makes the iconic midwest town so special. 

And so the collab begins

When COVID-19 first hit, Sami had the idea of making scrub tops that would show some love to the healthcare workers in St. Louis who were selflessly going above and beyond each day to help others fight the pandemic. But Series Six needed a little help to pull it off. Enter TiScrubs. Our eight years of experience making stellar scrubs plus Series Six Apparel’s killer designs equaled a match made in heaven.

Sami designed two unique scrub tops, all with serious St. Louis vibes, for healthcare workers to rep around the Lou. She started with the Blues Retro Jersey design which brings back all that good 90s mojo and commemorates the Blues’ epic NHL win in 2019. Because it was such a popular design for Series Six (people wanted it on everything from can huggers to windbreakers), St. Louis’s own Second Shift Beer Company partnered with Sami to make an STL Retro brew complete with a Retro Jersey-themed can. (Naturally, we concluded that if the design were good enough for a beer can it would make a totally bangin’ scrub top.)

Retro Jersey Scrub Top

The second design Sami and her team created was a twist on the iconic STL Flag. It was a no-brainer since the St. Louis flag was recently voted by Twitter as the best city flag in the US. (Have you ever wondered what makes a good flag and what makes a bad flag?) With its bold red background and bright yellow and blue fleur-de-lis pattern, we knew it would be a hit because, well, who doesn’t love a good fleur-de-lis?

STL Flag Scrub Top

We've fallen for STL

Well, St. Louis, we’ve given you a lot of TiScrubs to love, we know. But we’ve kinda fallen in love with your city, too, as we’ve gotten to know it, even if you do love Provel cheese. 

If you just read this whole article and thought “Why isn’t TiScrubs doing this with my city?” then let us know! Sometimes dreams do come true.

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