Designer Scrubs with athletic fit and feel for medical professionals

The Best Designer Scrubs Around

These days, designer scrubs should be the rule, not the exception. Yet, dinosaur brands continue to crank out what we call “potato sack scrubs” -- you know, scrubs that are made from stiff and scratchy woven cotton with nary a hint of style and zero functionality. (Woven cotton is a whole different ballgame from the soft knit cotton that is used to make t-shirts.) Why they are still pedaling the same scrubs they sold forty years ago is a mystery, considering we live in a time when our refrigerators remind us when it’s time to buy more milk and our Apple watches nag us when we still need a few more steps. Shouldn’t the same innovation and technology be applied to healthcare uniforms?

Designer scrubs defined: Medical scrubs that are highly functional, made with technologically advanced materials, that could put a designer tracksuit to shame any day of the week. 

Designer Scrubs Exist

The Best Designer Scrubs

Designer scrubs do exist, but they are few and far between, and you have to know where to look for them. HINT: Here’s where you will not find designer scrubs:

  • Your local uniform store. Small scrub retailers sell, in addition to doctor and nurse scrubs, all kinds of uniforms for every profession, from police officers to chefs. And because they’re trying to cater to a varied audience, they offer only the basics.

  • Nation-wide scrub superstores (with online and physical retail stores) that carry a wide variety of scrub brands. Scrubs & Beyond and Uniform Advantage are some of the larger, better-known ones. Even though they do get points for specializing in healthcare uniforms, they lose points when it comes to carrying brands that have style. They sell old-school versions of scrubs that are made from stiff cotton and look like, as we said before, potato sacks with armholes. These retailers will sometimes will also sprinkle in a handful of “nicer” scrub lines (made by the same brands that also make the cheap cotton scrubs hanging one rack over) but these scrub lines are, to put it bluntly, really just designer scrubs wannabes.

True designer scrubs are made by only a handful of elite brands, and they are sold online, directly to physicians and other medical professionals. Sure, designer scrubs can be a bit more expensive than average scrubs, but they are well worth it. They simply cannot be beaten when it comes to quality, function, and style. And when you really think about it, if average scrubs last only half as long, then they may end up being more expensive than designer scrubs in the long run.

Athletic Designer Scrubs

TiScrubs is one of the few scrub brands that can legitimately stake a claim on designer scrubs. TiScrubs was the first designer scrub brand to make medical scrubs with an athletic vibe. Lululemon-like fabrics and breathable mesh accents have been signature hallmarks of our sporty scrubs since the very beginning. Athletically-inspired drawstrings and ultra-soft elastic waistbands rival those of Nike. Even our pockets are designed to be flattering and stylish.

Athletic Designer Scrubs

TiScrubs’ sporty designer scrubs style is totally unique. Another thing that separates designer scrubs from average scrubs is color. Average scrubs don’t always get the colors just right. Designer scrubs, like TiScrubs, come in colors that were painstakingly selected. TiScrubs’ new Stretch scrubs collection offers navy blue scrubs, black scrubs, and charcoal gray scrubs, and TiScrubs’ thoughtfully-appointed hues have been tested with various skin tones and hair colors to ensure that they look great on everyone.

Look and Feel Amazing

TiScrubs don’t just look good, they feel good, too. Our scrubs are made with the most technologically advanced fabrics available. TiScrubs’ performance fabrics are smooth and soft, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking to keep you feeling fresh and dry. 

Another attribute of designer scrubs is quality, in everything from the fabrics to the stitching. Our needlework is unparalleled, and our fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and won’t shrink, fade, or pill. What’s more, they are resistant to pet hair and snags. TiScrubs are made to last, just like a good designer handbag or sportcoat.

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