TiScrubs Adds Two New Products (Woohoo!)

It’s not every day that we add a new product to our line of athletic-inspired scrubs, but, when we do, you can bet it will be outstanding! If you saw our last blog post about the President of TiScrubs, Natalie Busch, you know how important customer satisfaction, quality, and function are to the creation of each and every scrub top and pants that bears the TiScrubs name.

Introducing the Mesh Scrub Jacket for Women and the Long-sleeve Scrub Top for Men

We talked to our customers — at meetings, at trade shows, and in their offices — and they told us they wanted . . . sleeves!

Long-sleeve Scrub Tops for Men

Made from the same quality fabric as our other tops and bottoms, our new Long-sleeve Scrub Tops for Men are the perfect complement to your TiScrubs wardrobe. With ribbed cuffs that offer a secure yet comfortable fit, our Long-sleeve Scrub Top will protect your arms without compromising your sense of style.

As with all the TiScrubs tops and pants, the long sleeve scrub top is made from antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric that protects you against germs and keeps you looking and feeling fresh and confident. Our customers love our D2 Fabric because it is sleek on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. Just because you wear scrubs doesn’t mean you want to feel like you’re wearing scrubs! These new tops come in all the “look-great on everyone” TiScrubs colors!

Mesh Scrub Jackets for Women

Finally, a jacket you can wear with your scrubs that is flattering and doesn’t get in the way! Our easy-to-close zippered jacket has decorative, contrasting stitching that coordinates with our TiScrubs colors to finish off your cool scrub look. The tailored fit of our lightweight scrub jacket delivers the comfort and breathability you want in a scrub jacket for the office. You won’t be too hot or too cold with this one — we got it just right. The full-length sleeves protect your arms, and the side pockets keep your small items close. Of course, all TiScrubs are antimicrobial and protect you against germs and odors (even though women don’t sweat- they glisten!). Best of all, our scrub jacket is super-easy to care for. Machine wash and dry, and it comes out looking fantastic and ready to slip on for work.

TiScrubs is the brand for cool-looking, athletic-inspired, scrubs for men and women around the U.S. And now there is now yet another reason to become a TiScrubs fan!

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