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Frequently Asked Questions By Toothio Dental Professionals

Congratulations! Now that you've received a digital gift card code from Toothio, you're ready to start shopping for your free Toothio scrub set!

Choose any style, size, or color scrub top and scrub pants. (Toothio does not have any specific requirements.)

Be sure to check the "Add Embroidery" box when selecting your scrub top. After that, select either "Custom Logo" or "Custom Logo + Standard Name" depending on whether or not you want to add your name and/or title/credentilas to your scrub top.

During checkout, you will need to enter two codes, one at a time, in the "discount code or gift card" box. The discount code is provided to you by Toothio when your digital gift card code is issued.

Toothio rewards its top rated dental professionals with TiScrubs when they ____.

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Your Toothio digital gift card will cover up to one set of embroidered scrubs, but you can order as many sets as you'd like! Anything you order that is not covered with your digital gift card from Toothio can be paid for using any of our many payment options.

Toothio does not have any scrub color requirements, so may choose any color you like!

You are required to add the Toothio logo to your scrubs. You must choose "Add Embroidery" > "Custom Logo" when selecting your scrub top. We will embroider the Toothio logo in white thread on your scrub top sleeve. Depending on the style of your scrub top, we will determine if it will go on your left or right sleeve.

You may choose to also add your name and/or title/credentials to your scrub top. (Example: Susan Smith, RDH). You will need to choose "Add Embroidery" > "Custom Logo + Standard Name." If you choose this option, we will email you after you place your order to discuss the details of your Standard Name Embroidery.

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Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Orders over $75 are eligible for free standard shipping and will be shipped directly to the shipping address you provide when you place your order.

Standard shipping times to most U.S. locations is about 2 to three days, and is free on orders over $75.00.

Expedited shipping is available for an additional cost.

Since all Toothio scrubs are required to have the Toothio logo embroidered on them, please allow an extra one to three days of processing time for your embroidery.

If you add your name and/or title/credentials to your scrubs, we will contact you via email to discuss the details of your embroidery. Your response time will affect the processing of your order.

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Your scrub top will be embroidered with the Toothio logo so you can proudly represent the best dental staffing service in the country -- and let everyone know you're a top-rated dental professional.

Please check the "Add Embroidery" box when selecting your scrub top.

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