NFL Player's Association Football Player Scrub Tops for Men and Women

Official NFLPA Scrub Tops

Calling all football addicts: Now you can get scrub tops featuring all of your favorite professional football players! We teamed up with the NFL Players Association to make officially licensed NFLPA scrubs for men and women. So whether your favorite quarterback is Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, we’ve got you. (And don’t worry -- we didn’t just show love to the quarterbacks.)

NFLPA Football Player Scrub Tops

Our Men’s and Women’s football scrub tops feature our very own exclusive designs, including hand-drawn art you won’t find anywhere else. Take our “In-the-Pocket” scrub top design featuring some of the league’s best quarterbacks. It’s available in a one-pocket style and a three-pocket style, and both have your favorite QB “in the pocket.” (See what we did there?) When you wear one of these scrub tops, you’ll feel like you’re taking an A-list celebrity to work with you. If only! In this quarterback “In-the-Pocket” design, we currently offer a Russell Wilson scrub top, a Tom Brady scrub top, and a Patrick Mahomes scrub top in two different versions (one-pocket and three-pocket). 

Another design in our NFL Players Association scrub top collection is reminiscent of a pro football jersey, complete with mesh fabric that’s moisture-wicking (just like what the pros have). These awesome scrub tops have your favorite football legend’s name, number, and signature. You’ll perform like the professional that you are in one of these football jersey scrub tops, while also racking up some fun comments from your patients and coworkers. They come in two styles -- a one-chest-pocket version and a three-pocket version. We’ll be adding more to the lineup, but we currently offer a Josh Allen Jersey Scrub Top, an Aaron Rodgers Jersey Scrub Top, an Ezekiel Elliott Jersey Scrub Top, a Lamar Jackson Jersey Scrub Top, a George Kittle Jersey Scrub Top, a Patrick Mahomes Jersey Scrub Top, a Russell Wilson Jersey Scrub Top, and a Tom Brady Jersey Scrub Top.

Hometown Team 

With our headquarters in Kansas City, we’re a bit partial to our hometown team. (Can you blame us?) And lucky for us, our hometown boys are lots of fun. That’s why we made really unique scrub tops as an homage to many of them. 

Travis Kelce 

Take Kansas City’s Travis Kelce #87, arguably the best tight end in the league. When he’s not on the football field, he is decked out in the latest fashion. We made sure his scrub top design reflected his sense of style and panache. Our Travis Kelce Scrub Top has designer good looks and is complete with his signature oversized gold chain (available for Men and Women).  

Travis Kelce Scrub Top For Men and Women

Tyreek Hill

We also made a fun scrub top for Tyreek Hill #10, the fastest wide receiver in professional football. He calls himself “The Cheetah” (and for good reason), so we made a cheetah print Tyreek Hill Scrub Top and oh man is it ever cool (available for Men and Women)

Tyreek Hill Scrub Top For Men and Women

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

And then there’s Laurent Duvernay-Tardif #76, the only medical doctor currently playing in the league (and one of only three in the league’s history). Our Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff Scrub Top makes it look like you’re wearing a red scrub top under a white doctor’s coat -- but it’s just an illusion! The back of the scrub top looks like a pro sports jersey. Do you remember how Larry wanted to put “MD” on the back of his jersey? Well, we took care of it, and it's available for Men and Women

 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Scrub Top For Men and Women

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

And we couldn’t forget running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire #25. Our Clyde “The Glyde” Edwards-Helaire Scrub Top (available for Men and Women) has a football background that’s so realistic you’ll think you’re wearing an actual pigskin! By the way, he’s called “Clyde the Glyde” because he can glide through and around his opponents! 

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Scrub Top For Men and Women

Tyrann Mathieu

And of course, we wanted to pay tribute to KC’s defense, so we also made a scrub top for safety Tyrann Mathieu #32, aka the “Honey Badger.” He goes by the nickname Honey Badger for good reason -- like a honey badger, Tyrann will savagely and fearlessly attack the enemy. We know it sounds a little scary but the honey badger is kinda cute, which is why we featured this furry little guy all over our Tyrann Mathieu Scrub Top (available for Men and Women)

Tyrann Mathieu Scrub Top For Men and Women

Game Day Scrub Tops 

Why would you ever work another game day again without sporting an NFL Players Association scrub top? Your patients and coworkers will love it, and you will, too, because they’re as comfortable and functional as they are fun. All of our men’s and women’s NFL Players Association scrub tops are made from our performance fabric that is soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking (to keep you cool and dry). And many are available in both one-pocket and three-pocket styles. 
We just made work during football season a whole lot more fun. You’re welcome.

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